New Apple Patent Illustrates Headphones Doubling As Speakers

It looks like Apple’s getting annoyed that their little tiny earphones can’t fill a room with music at a moment’s notice. A new patent application from the company has revealed that Apple is looking into building a dual-mode headphone that will both work like your typical iPod headphones, but will also act like speakers if you need them to while you’re in the office.

Through some magical circuitry built into the device, the headphones could detect orientation and then adjust amplification power based on whether or not your headphones should be dropping beats for everyone else in the room, or just soothing your inner savage beast.

One small problem. What happens when it accidentally engages and you have your headphones against your ears? Something tells me early onset deafness isn’t exactly a marketing feature the company can get behind. Neat concept. Dumb idea.

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