MobileMe is dead. Long live iCloud.


June 30th, the official death date of MobileMe, is drawing closer. Apple wants current MobileMe members to transition to iCloud before then, but there will always be foot draggers with any change.

Recently, Apple has been sending out emails to MobileMe diehards encouraging them to stop dawdling and make the switch. While iCloud doesn’t have iWeb publishing, photo galleries, or iDisk support, it does have a lot of great additions. First of all, it’s free. That’s a big deal, but it also offers iTunes in the cloud, Photo Stream, documents in the cloud, automatic downloads and purchase history for apps and books, and backup and restore. iCloud is the future, and no amount of stalling is going to change that.

So, what about the dropped features? Well, photo galleries can be hosted anywhere. Flickr and Picasa are popular solutions. As for a portable online disk and a WebDAV server, you can always look into a Dropbox and DropDAV solution. It isn’t built into the OS, but it works pretty damn seamlessly once installed.

Whether you like it or not, June 30th isn’t far away, so you should start exploring new options. If you have any suggestions for the foot draggers out there, please leave a comment below this post with some instructions. We’re curious how others are solving this issue.

Hat tip to The Mac Observer

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