Meet the new executive team at Apple, it’s the same as the old team

We’re trying to not get too carried away with the Jobs’ resignation news, so we’re going to be keeping those posts to a minimum. But, we thought we should point out that the executive organizational chart over on has been updated to illustrate the changes from yesterday.

Tim Cook now sits in the CEO position, and everything else seems to have remained in the same place.

Why are we pointing it out? Well, simply put, it’s a pretty good example of Apple carrying on the same as it ever was, and we don’t expect anything major to change. Apple’s still got products in the pipeline that we think will be a major hit, they still have a huge war chest (to the tune of about $65.8 billion), and their executive team remains strong.

It’s only day-one after the big news broke, but as you’ve probably inferred from the post, we don’t’ expect very much to change in both the near or longer term future.

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