Mac Pro Removed From EU Apple Stores

Mac Pro France

Apple has removed the Mac Pro from all Apple Online Stores in the European Union ahead of the company’s March 1st deadline. Apple fans in the European Union are reportedly seeing “unavailable” for the dispatch time for the desktop.

The European Union forced Apple to stop selling the Mac Pro last month because of a regulation violation. The Mac Pro was found to have open fans, which could cause a safety hazard, considering they have the ability to slice a finger if touched. Even though it seems like common sense to not touch a moving computer fan, the EU begs to differ. For some reason I just want to stick my finger in one now…

The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated in over a year, so we’re doubtful that Apple really cares about being forced to seize sales of the computer in the EU. The Mac Pro is running on old SATA technology and last-generation CPUs, which are in desperate need of an update. We’ll likely see the computer be refreshed soon as per a statement made by Apple CEO Tim Cook last year.

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