Mac App Store finds Apple software, but not others

I had a dream when it came to the Mac App Store, and while I knew it would never be more than that, for a split second today I held out hope.

Immediately after launching the Mac App Store, I noticed that all of my Apple software was listed as “installed,” despite not appearing in the purchased section of the Mac App Store. I purchased iLife ’11 when it came out, back in the Fall, and yet somehow iLife is listed like it was purchased today in the Mac App Store. Could it be? Is Apple letting developers manage their updates through the Mac App Store?


My dream was crushed instantly when I started searching for applications I already had installed: Pixelmator isn’t listed as being purchased.

I know this shouldn’t irk me, but it does. I know that the only way Apple’s going to let developers in on this system is if developers push the 30% cut their way, but for some reason, in that split second, I thought Apple did the right thing.

Turns out they realized the value for their software, but left everyone else out to dry. If they wanted to make the Mac App Store ubiquitous immediately, this would have been an excellent first step.

Consider this a dropped ball.

Update: It seems like the Mac App Store is finding some 3rd party applications, but missing others. The Mac App Store doesn’t seem to know that iWork is installed, but some applications seem to be getting connected (ie. Things).

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