No live video stream from Apple keynote tomorrow

iMessage on screen demoIf you planned on taking the day off, or hiding in the conference room tomorrow to catch the keynote, you’re going to be a little disappointed. Apple will not be live streaming the event.

Instead, you’re going to be blessed with being able to read live blogs, and re-blogs of live-blogs, and live-blogs of live-blogs, and everything else except an official stream from Apple. We’re not going to pretend for one moment that we’re at the event. We’re not. We didn’t get invited. Our feelings aren’t hurt.

What we will be doing is writing up the news, as we get it, in our typical post fashion: one post, one topical roundup. It’s how we’ve always done things around here.

What we will be doing though is hanging out in IRC to chat about Apple, and have some fun during the keynote, so if you’re interested in hanging out with other Apple geeks during the event you can join us there.

Channel: #macgasm

However, if you absolutely feel like you need to watch the keynote, Apple puts the videos up online shortly after the event wraps up.  You can either get it directly on the web, or through Apple’s event podcast in iTunes.

Source: 9to5Mac

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