Kuvva Is Easily The Best Thing To Happen To Desktop Wallpapers

We like to feature wallpapers from time to time here at Macgasm, but I have a funny feeling that may quickly be coming to an end in the next couple of weeks. Kuvva, a new app on the App Store, streams amazing wallpapers right to your desktop. Click a button in your menubar, and you’ll have a new one on your desktop in a couple of seconds. Trust us, these wallpapers don’t suck either. Whoever is picking them over at Kuvva knows exactly what I like in a wallpaper.

Heck, you can even set the refresh rate of your wallpapers from weekly through until hourly, as well as manually. Have wallpaper OCD? This is the solution.

In addition to providing you with awesome wallpapers, Kuvva also provides detailed information on artists, and lets you tweet out your favorite wallpapers from the menu bar. Simple, and really handy. If you’re a wallpaper fiend and need a new one every couple of days, download Kuvva from the App Store, it’s free.

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