Just Like Every Year Before It, Foxconn Hiring More People For iPhone Rollout

Just like every year, Foxconn is apparently ramping up, and hiring workers at a fervent pace as they begin mass production of the next iPhone. According to reports from YICAI, the companies large scale recruitment is solely, and “mainly to do iPhone 6 handset.”

If you believe that for a second, and you probably shouldn’t considering we’re on pace for an iPhone 5S, it likely means we’re on track for another fall release.

From YICAI, and translated with Google Translate (brace yourself, it’s a painful read):

“IDPBG business group is now in mass recruitment, the number of no cap, mainly to do iPhone 6 handset.” Yesterday, Zhengzhou in Henan Foxconn recruitment agency responsible for the “First Financial Daily” said that Apple’s next-generation mobile products has already begun Foxconn factory production, and now need a lot of assembly line workers.

Honestly. You could write these posts a decade in advance, schedule them to run every summer, and still not miss a beat.

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