iOS 5 beta 3? Jailbroken


If it seems like only yesterday Apple seeded their third build of their up-and-coming iOS 5 to developers, it’s because it was. Even though it’s only mere weeks after iOS 5 was first announced, developers are already rocking the third iteration, beta 3.

If me telling you that this beta 3 has already been jailbroken sounds a little unbelievable, well, it’s because it is. But believe it or not, it has happened. The fine hacking folks over at The iPhone Dev Team have already managed to jailbreak beta 3. Despite it sometimes taking weeks to hack a major release, iOS 5 all the way up to beta 3 is totally jailbreakable. (Most text editors don’t seem to think ‘jailbreak’ is a word. I really stuck it to them with ‘Jailbreakable’.) Plus, there seems to be a pretty major bug fix for beta 3 that corrects apps not launching in certain situations.

The last time I jailbroke my iPhone was pre-App Store — if you can remember such a time. Now, at least to me, it seems rather pointless. I’m sure many of you have your uses, and I’m not knocking that, but for me, it’s just not worth it. What I tell people all the time is something along the lines of: “If there is a specific reason you want to jailbreak, go ahead. If not, I don’t really recommend it.”

Alas, if jailbreaking is your cup of tea, and you’re currently beta testing iOS 5 beta 3, go ahead, pull the trigger.

Source: OS X Daily

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