Instanews Is A Great New News App For iOS


Instanews has been a highly anticipated news reader app for iPhone since it was announced in summer of 2012. Yesterday, Instanews finally hit the App Store and has already worked its way up to the top 50 list in the App Store. The app features a beautiful, almost Windows Phone style home screen, which features large tiles that you can use to select the type of news you’d like to read, whether it be politics, tech or a variety of other topics.

Instanews also has an intuitive breaking news section that automatically brings in the most breaking news from a variety of sources.

Where Instanews really shines is its notification system. Instanews will automatically send you a push notification when a breaking news story is published. Don’t worry, Instanews won’t send you a million notifications a day. In fact, there is a limit of five push notifications that will be sent daily. Because of this, Instanews will only send you the most important news headlines as a push notification. If the notification interests you, you can swipe it to be brought to the full news story.

Instanews features an OK amount of news sources and blogs; however, it doesn’t allow you to add your own sources yet.  I read a wide variety of tech blogs on a daily basis that aren’t yet available in Instanews. Let’s hope a future update allows for adding of custom sources as well as a larger variety of built-in news sources.

Overall, Instanews is a beautiful news app with a ton of potential. If you’d like to grab a copy of Instanews for yourself, hit the link below and prepare to drop a mere $1.99.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.