Holiday Apps Appear On Apple TV, A Sign Of What’s Coming?

Apple recently updated the Apple TV content with holiday themed sections. When you looking under Classic genre,  Snow Sports – Apps & Games shows up in the listing. Now it’s also displaying more than just snow sports games with “Apps for Shopping,” “Holiday Cooking Apps,” “Deep Games for Holiday Downtime,” and more showing up around the iTunes store and Apple TV.

The weird thing, though, is that when you select any of these titles, it brings you to an empty page, without any actual apps to choose from. So it’s not really clear if this is a sign of what’s coming to the Apple TV or if Apple is just going to use the Apple TV as an ad platform for iOS apps. It could also just be that Apple made a mistake and is displaying iTunes and iPhone content on the Apple TV, since the iTunes Store already has some of the same holiday themed sections. Hopefully we’ll know in a few days time.

You can find these new sections on the Apple TV by going to Movies > Genres > Classics > Holiday > Music, Movies, and More.

Image Credit: Mac OS Ken

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.