Gamestop’s Future Depends On Refurbished Apple Products

Gamestop, a popular new and used videogame retailer, has recently started selling refurbished iPads, iPhones and iPods. Gamestop is also expected to start buying and selling refurbished MacBooks in the near future as well, but we will have to wait and see for confirmation. The retailer allows customers to buy and sell their used Apple devices to them for store credit or cash. Gamestop store credit can be used for buying other Apple products, videogames or videogame systems, whatever the customer chooses to spend the credit on.

So why is Gamestop selling Apple products so important for the future of Gamestop? The answer is simple: the gaming industry is changing. Users are playing more and more mobile games on iOS and Android devices (which Gamestop also sells) and less on traditional game consoles. Gaming is also moving to digital formats from disks and cartridges, so users will be buying all of their games over the net and not through traditional game stores. Gamestop’s move to sell iOS, Android and Mac devices shows that they recognize the evolution of the digital gaming revolution and are actively taking action to keep their company afloat.

Source: 9to5mac
Image Credit: Moe_

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