Game Center, Mail Affected By iCloud Outage

iCloud has once again been hit with server outages. According to Apple’s System Status page, Game Center was hit twice on Thursday morning and once on Friday morning with outages. Thursday’s outages lasted from 5:45 AM to 7:11 AM CDT with the second lasting from 10:58 AM to 11:22 AM CDT. Friday’s outage lasted from 8:17 AM to 8:47 AM CDT. These outages caused some users to experience slow or nonexistent Game Center service.

Apple has also reported that the iCloud webmail client was down for a mere 0.008% of users from 1:00 PM on Thursday to 4:00 PM CDT on Friday. However, users affected by this outage were still able to access iCloud mail via on Mac and iOS as well as through third-party mail clients.

This isn’t the first time this month we’ve seen Apple experience iCloud issues. On the 9th of April, a five-hour outage hit iMessage and FaceTime users, leaving them unable to reliably communicate. On the 12th, the services again went offline for roughly an hour.

Though we’re still not sure what’s causing these frequent iCloud outages, we do know that Apple is working on fixing these issues for good. The company is currently in the process of building a new data center in Reno, Nevada that should take some of the stress off of Apple’s other server farms and reduce the amount of widespread outages.

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