Former iAd Chief Andy Miller Joins Leap Motion As President/COO

Andy Miller

Apple’s former iAd chief, Andy Miller, has joined Leap Motion as President and Chief Operating Officer.┬áMiller started the mobile advertising firm Quattro Wireless, which was eventually purchased by Apple in January 2010 to form a solid ground for the iAd platform.

Miller actually left Apple last August, but it looks like he’s found a new day job.

Leap Motion is the creator of a new innovative touch-free technology that allows for use of a computer using gestures above a small-sized USB peripheral sensor. It’s set to go on sale soon, and the company is currently taking pre-orders for the $70 device. It will be OS X compatible and is expected to ship late this year or early next year.

Miller’s statement on joining Leap Motion:

“I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most influential figures and companies in the technology industry, and I’m as excited about the Leap as I’ve ever been about a technology,” said Miller. “The potential for the Leap is limitless, as it is going to fundamentally change the way we interact with so many devices in our lives. I’m thrilled to come on board and looking forward to growing Leap Motion into the technology powerhouse it’s on the road to becoming.”

The technology is quite amazing. Check out the video below to find out it works.

Do you think this magical device was worth leaving Apple over?

Source: Leap Motion via The Next Web

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