England knights the hell out of Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive (aka Apple’s David Beckham) has received the highest pointless honor the British Monarchy can confer and is now a knight.

Why someone would want to be a knight when they don’t get a sword and a shield and a chance to slice goblins in half, I have no idea, but England sure is proud of Jonny Ive: The man who gave us that indescribable feeling you get when you hold an iPhone in your hand and find yourself wanting to rub your face with it. As the head of design at Apple, he’s the mind who gave the iPhone, iPod and iPad their shapes, as well as the sleek, minimalist appearance and feel of the Mac computers. While Steve Jobs certainly deserves credit for masterminding the concept of the Macs and iOS devices as we know them, it’s Ive who gave them the look and feel that makes the competition play catchup. I feel confident saying that while there are many talented designers out there, no tech devices have ever looked or felt as good as the products that came out of Ive’s head.

Though Jobs is no longer with us, Sir Jonathan continues to sit at his desk every day coming up with crazysexycool stuff for tech-lovers to enjoy. I, personally, am looking forward to seeing his suit of armor; all seamless white with no visible buttons.

Source: BBC

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