You An Engineer Rocking An iPhone? This Case Is For You!

If there was ever an iPhone case designed just for the engineering crowd, this is it. Danny Tas has put together some printing plans so you can assemble a case with movable gears.

No seriously, if you get the parts printed out you can piece them together and actually spin the gears and have the whole things come alive in your hands.

From Tas’s Instructables page:

“You get this baby printed, you get a sense of achievement because you assembled it, you spin those little 1.25 module gears and admire it in awe.

The gears are all embossed with the number of teeth so you can work out ratios, there are even and odd number of teeth gears just to make it that bit more challenging, it’s a great visual to see what direction what gear is going in a gear train.”

Pretty genius when you consider the types of cases on the market at this point. I can’t recall ever seeing one that was this interactive and hands on.

Yes, there’s even an iPhone 5 version, and you can buy a case directly if you don’t have the means to get the case printed.

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