China Mobile to get 4G TD-LTE iPhone, eventually

Thursday, China Mobile unveiled plans to release a 4G iPhone on its fourth generation TD-LTE network.

The chairman of China Mobile stated that they are in talks with Apple to launch the iPhone on their network, and are waiting for the next generation of iPhone for the launch. He did not specify any concrete release date as the technology has yet to mature.

As detailed in an earlier article, the LTE chipsets from Qualcomm are not yet ready for Apple’s stringent iPhone design and performance standards. It is rumored that the LTE iPhones could be as far as one year away from release.

Apple had originally planned to release LTE iPhones in 2011, but was forced to delay their production due to battery life concerns and other issues they had with the chipsets.

The iPhone 4S is still reportedly slated for a September release, at least in the United States. The Chinese release will most likely be a very significant one, because the four Apple Stores in China receive more traffic and more revenue than any other Apple Stores on earth. Earlier this month, crazed customers looking for white iPhone 4s started a fight in an Apple store in Beijing, China. The fight culminated with four people being hospitalized and one glass door being smashed. Needless to say, the Chinese people are desperate to get their hands on Apple’s latest products.

Article Via AppleInsider
Photo Credit: Rondostar

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