China, of all countries, potentially fining Apple for trademark infringement

It looks like Apple’s now potentially in legal trouble in China due to trademark infringement claims by Proview Technology Shenzehen. According to the company, and a report in ChinaDaily, Proview Technology Shenzhen claims that Apple’s iPad violates trademarks owned by the company (the naming rights to iPad), and they’re looking to fine Apple $38 million dollars, as well as have the iPad removed from store shelves in China. Proview also wants an apology from Apple.

Apparently this isn’t the first punch thrown in this fight either. Last year Apple sued Proview Shenzhen to gain rights to the iPad name, but lost the lawsuit in court.


Proview Shenzhen registered the iPad trademark in China in 2001.Proview Taiwan, a company that is associated with, but not legally representing Proview Shenzhen, sold the Chinese trademark – along with others for use in other countries – to the UK-based IP Application Development Limited for 35,000 British pounds (US$55,000) in 2009, according to a report by Nanfang Daily.

We thought we’d seen it all, but it turns out we haven’t. The timing of the lawsuit is advantageous considering the explosion of Apple popularity in China recently.

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