Rumor: Best Buy to get Genius Bars and expanded Apple service

Apple’s consumer level customer support is second to none, and Best Buy’s customer support probably holds the penultimate position, right above cellphone carriers. They’re a lesson in opposites, and customer satisfaction reports clearly indicate that Apple’s AppleCare and Genius programs keep the Apple faithful happy.

But what happens to those people who purchase a Mac at Best Buy and return their computers to Best Buy for service? Best Buy either tries to fix them up, or sends them to Apple for service. Apple might be looking to cut out the middle-man this year by adding Genius services to Best Buy stores that sell Apple products. TUAW is reporting that “An anonymous tipster who works at a Best Buy store let us know this morning that he was informed by his Apple rep that the Apple section of the computer department will be going through a transition sometime this Spring to allow more products to be displayed. At the same time, the stores will get a Genius Bar, up to this time a fixture only at Apple Stores.” It’s a far cry from explaining exactly what’s happening at Best Buy, but maybe taking your Mac to a Best Buy won’t be your last option any more.

We’re blessed with an Apple Store in my home town, and despite the obvious insanity that comes with being in their stores, they’re hands down a better option than bringing your Mac to a Best Buy. A Genius desk or employee in Best Buy might change that though, and I’ll be sure to try it out. It’s a ten minute ride to the Apple store for me, but I only have to cross my street to get to a Best Buy.

If this turns out to be true, it’ll be a smart move for Apple.

Article Via TUAW

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