Apple Running Its Back To School Promotion Already

Guess it’s that time of year again, parents. Brace yourselves, the back to school promotional blitz is coming, and Apple has already jumped out in front of the pack. The company has already begun offering up promotional discounts for students heading back to school.

In addition to the typical educational discounts, Apple will also be offering a $100.00 Apple store gift card to students who buy a Mac for school, or a $50.00 gift card with the purchase of an iPhone or iPad. There’s no word on if you can double up by buying more than one device, or both an iPad and Mac.

Things you should note:

  • Apple’s giving an Apple Store card, not an iTunes or App Store gift card. That means you can use the money to buy some more gear at the Apple Store.
  • The promotion runs from July 1 – September 9, 2014.
  • If you’re buying an iPhone on a zero dollar plan from your carrier you do not qualify for the promotion.
  • Students, teachers, and parents of students qualify for the promotion. There are a few exceptions so make sure you ask.

The discounts are worth checking out, especially if you qualify, and especially especially if Mom and Dad are footing the bills.

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