Apple’s new iPad 2 ad, “We’ll Always,” sneaks in a Lion

Hold everything. Apple has a new iPad 2 ad, called “We’ll Always.” The ad is typical Apple, waxing lyrical about how we will still do the things we’ve always done, but now with the iPad, we’ll do them better, differently, or whatever. But that’s not the awesome part.

The awesome part is that at 0:23 of the ad, while the voiceover intones, “and learn new things,” a little boy is shown learning to write the word “lion” on the iPad.

That’s right, “lion.”

You know, as in OS X Lion, the Lion that was released last week. The Lion that sold a million copies in the first day. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the kid is writing “lion,” as nothing Apple does is merely happenstance. It’s meant to reinforce the notion that Apple has something new, and that thing has something to do with “lion.” However subtly the message is presented, the ad neatly juxtaposes “new” and “lion” in just a few seconds, reminding the viewer about the new OS.

I think Apple could have sent a stronger message if instead of showing the kid learning to write, they were to show him using Final Cut Pro X on the iPad*. That would have made the ad much more interesting.

*No, Final Cut Pro X is not available on the iPad. Yet.

Via: AppleInsider

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