Apple stock (AAPL) blows past previous high, hits $410 per share

Since Jobs’ retirement Apple stock has climbed 7.2 percent, reaching an all time high today of $410 per share, which is something that many pundits were sure wouldn’t happen leading up to the news that Steve Jobs was going to retire. It took a month to break the last all-time high record set by AAPL, but it’s happened again, and it looks like it might continue to happen for the foreseeable future.

Since starting this website back in 2008, it’s been one comment after another from people I know all lamenting the fact that when Steve Jobs retires Apple would fail miserably. ‘Steve Jobs is Apple,’ they would say. I would try my best to dispel those comments by offering up my own thoughts on why Apple would be alright once Jobs left his post, but very few people would actually listen.

I’m not here to say that Apple will be fine without Jobs at the helm, and I’m certainly not here to rub anyone’s nose in the fact that Apple’s stock has risen past AAPL’s previous highs. What I am here to say however is that it looks like investors are completely comfortable with Tim Cook at the helm, and that anyone who says otherwise at this point doesn’t know too much about Apple Inc.

Things could change over the next decade, but today it looks like Apple’s the same as it was last year.

Actually, it looks like they may actually be doing better.

Note: And no, I don’t own Apple stock. I own zero, notta, nil, nothing, zilch.

Source: TUAW

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