Apple relocates store and sends a message from above

On their mission to give us the best shopping experience, Apple is reportedly moving one of their stores to another location. The 4,600 square foot store in the Bellevue Square shopping mall in Washington is moving one floor up, from ground floor to second floor.

This move will not only double the store’s size but also distance the shining Apple logo from the glowing Microsoft logo, which is attached to the Microsoft store just a few feet away from the current location of the Apple Store.

Now guess where exactly the Apple Store is moving to.

Right, the new position of Apple’s retail experience (red) is directly above and across from the Microsoft store (yellow).

That surely might just be a coincidence and Apple is just going after the larger space. After all, the same space where the new Apple store will be located was occupied by three individual stores before.

But we think that Apple is actually after a bit more than that. Just imagine the situation for every one of Microsoft’s customers leaving their store. They get out the doors and are illuminated by a giant shining Apple logo right above them. It’ll almost be like a message from heaven. You are down there, simple earthling. Just take the escalator and come up to us. Enter the shiny world of great things!

Article Via TUAW
Photo Credit: Anthony Campanella

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