Apple opens new store in Texas, just two miles away from Mexico

Apple’s stores keep popping up around the globe at a pace that can make you wonder when they will outdo Starbucks as the mayor of every neighborhood. The newest plans are for a store in El Paso, Texas, just two miles away from the Mexican border.

At the ground floor of the Cielo Vista Mall, the new store will not only be filling in a seven-state lack of Apple Stores that’s currently only being served by the ABQ Uptown, NM store, but also attract citizens from the Mexican city Ciudad Juarez that’s just two miles away.

This is not only good news for Mexican Apple fans, who don’t have a store in their country and before had to visit the store in Otay Ranch, Calif., but also for Texas’ economy. Government research revealed that Mexican citizens coming to El Paso spend about $1.6 billion in the city’s stores per year, about 16 percent of all retail sales. And an Apple Store in the 1.2 million square-foot big shopping mall will attract new customers who like to spend money on shiny products.

Article and Photo Via 9to5Mac
Photo Credit: G. O’Graffer

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