Apple offering free repairs to Japanese disaster victims

Apple has been doing its part to aid in the Japan relief efforts since day one. Stories of Apple Stores in Japan taking people in, offering to recharge their devices, and even letting them spend the night in the store have spread far and wide. The company has really been trying to show the Japanese people how much they care. They even set up a Red Cross donation page, right in the iTunes Store, both to encourage people to donate to the relief effort, and to make it incredibly easy to do so with just one click.

This week, the company announced that it will be expanding its efforts by offering free repairs to anyone affected by the earthquakes or tsunamis. Apple’s free repair coverage includes all those living in the municipal areas listed in the Disaster Relief Act of 2011. It covers all Macs, Cinema Displays, iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches.

For details from Apple on exactly which products are covered, check out this page in Japanese or English via Google Translate.

Article Via MacStories

Photo Credit: Ivan Walsh

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