Apple Celebrates 30 Years Of Mac With Commercial Shot On An iPhone

If a Burberry fashion shoot wasn’t enough to convince you that Apple’s iPhone can be used to record some of the more important moments your life, maybe Apple’s latest ad will do the trick. Apple has just released a brand new commercial, but instead of spending big money on expensive cameras, the company instead used iPhones to record the footage, and Macs to edit the commercial.

The commercial is a homage to all things Apple, and what the new products can do, but surprisingly enough, the company didn’t use an iPad to edit the commercial. I wonder why that might be, considering there’s such a push to show off the iPad as a creation tool. That’s probably more of an indictment of the current state of iMovie than it is the iPad though.

Short film makers, take note. You can do a lot with that phone in your pocket. You don’t need a RED camera to push out a short. The times, they are a changin. If you’re into videographer, or anything like that you should check out the page Apple has dedicated to the commercial. It’s pretty impressive and shows you what the overcame to get the project done for prime time.

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