Apple Has Just Hired An Ex-Microsoft Security Expert

Apple has just hired Kristen Paget, a former Microsoft security expert who worked to rid Windows Vista of its bugs. Paget was reportedly on one of Microsoft’s elite security teams. After Paget left Microsoft, she went to work for Recursion Ventures, though she left Recursion in July of 2012. According to this tweet, she was looking to start developing security-focused hardware.

As of now, we’re not sure what Paget’s role at Apple may be. According to TUAW, Apple’s representatives are declining to comment on her role. However, it’s safe to say that Apple may have hired her to take up the growing number of security threats that have been affecting OS X and iOS in the recent years. Since Paget reportedly saved Windows Vista from being even more of a failure than it was, we’re pretty confident she’ll be able to stop more OS X threats from occurring in the future.

Paget isn’t new to the hacking scene either. In 2010, she made a $1,500 device that was used to intercept 2G GSM phone calls. After Paget showed this device off at Defcon 2010 in Las Vegas, her hacking career really took off.

Image Credit: CarbonNYC

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