Apple filed initial Thunderbolt trademark, not Intel, as claimed on packaging

We all know that Apple and Intel collaborated on the Thunderbolt technology now found in most current Apple models. What may be news to most of us is that it was in fact Apple that filed the initial trademark for the name “Thunderbolt,” not Intel.

The confusing part of this story is that packaging for Apple computers that come with Thunderbolt technology clearly states that Intel has trademarked the name, not Apple.

According to sources, Apple filed through the Jamaican Trademark Office to advance claims previously made with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office back in November of 2010.

Thunderbolt was originally named Light Peak during most of its development process, with the name only being changed to Thunderbolt later on after collaboration with Apple on the standard.

Apple is reportedly responsible for the introduction of display Port technology to the Thunderbolt standard. The company also ensured that copper cables were used in the construction of Thunderbolt wiring so that devices could be powered through the Thunderbolt cables alone, rather than requiring a separate cable for power. Apple, more than anyone, hates having messy cables everywhere.

Those of us familiar with earlier Apple history will remember that the company renamed IEEE 1394 technology to “FireWire” for use in its products. The company has a history of giving products memorable names that work better in marketing and conversation alike.

Article Via AppleInsider
Photo Credit: Intel

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