Apple countersues S3 Graphics over disputed patents

Sue you, sue me… let’s all sue together, patently. Yes, it’s suing time again, folks! Last year, S3 Graphics sued Apple for infringing on its patents for image processing and image compression in its iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and MacBook computers. In response, Apple is countersuing S3, and filed a complaint against the graphics visualization company this month. Apple is seeking a Declaratory Judgment of Non-Infringement and Invalidity of Patents. The details of Apple’s suit are not available for download, having been classified as an “oversize document,” so at this time we are not able to tell which patents Apple is challenging. In any case, Apple has chosen to respond in kind to S3 rather than give in.

According to Patently Apple, “A declaratory judgment is typically requested when a party is threatened with a lawsuit but the lawsuit has not yet been filed; or when it is thought by one of two (or more) parties that their rights under law and/or contract might conflict; or as part of a counterclaim to prevent further, similar lawsuits from the same plaintiff.”

S3 Graphics has its headquarters in Freemont, California, providing graphics visualization technologies for notebook and desktop markets, and video cores for discrete and integrated applications in the mobile, desktop, and embedded markets.

Article Via TUAW

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