Apple Continues Pushing Channels To Apple TV, CNBC And Fox Now Added

At this rate, if you live in the US, you’ll be able to replace your cable subscription with an Apple TV soon (probably not). Apple has continued its updating on-the-fly ways, pushing new channels to the Apple TV, including CNBC and Fox Now channels.

Plot twist. In both cases you need “authentication” through a cable provider. You have to be paying for these channels already before you can watch them on the Apple TV. We’re not at a cable cutting level yet, so don’t run out and buy some scissors. As soon as one of the owners of these channels wakes up, we may reach actual cord cutting levels of awesome. It’s going to take another decade, though.

Apple Pushes CNBC, Fox Now To Apple TV

What do you get with these channels?

CNBC is offering up live streams and on demand clips from news episodes, whereas Fox Now is offering up on-demand shows, including 24: Live Another Day, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Once again, it seems like everyone outside of the US is out of luck. If the CBC, Bell, and Rogers could wake the hell up and begin offering Canadians some legitimate content for the Apple TV, that would be great.

And no, I don’t mean offering free streams online, but then charging iPad users for the luxury of streaming a hockey game from within the iPad app. Okay, CBC? Because that’s some grade-a level bullshit. Don’t think we didn’t notice. Don’t think we’re not cheering the fact that you no longer have broadcast rights for the NHL. We are. You reap what you sow, and all that jazz.

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