Apple branded television could be a hit according to analyst

Putting aside the realism of an Apple branded television for the moment, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is once again speculating about how successful an Apple branded television could be in the market. There’s no surprise that Munster not only believes that Apple is currently working on an actual Apple Television (not the current set top box), but that the product will also be a huge financial success.

Dan Frommer has also gone on record about the television. Last week Frommer said that Apple could be investing a lot of money, probably to the tune of 4 billion, in the project over the next two years. Most of the money, according to Frommer, would go to building facilities, and perfecting the display technologies they would need on the device.

After months of speculation, however, Munster now believes that Apple could sell a lot of televisions at launch, should they bring an actual television to market. Munster believes that Apple would stand to make approximately $2.5bn in 2012, $4bn in 2013, and $6bn in 2014. Those numbers indicate the venture would be a huge success if the market were to play out how Munster expects it to at this point.

But, given the troubles facing the Google TV, it’s hard to venture a guess on where an Apple Television would land on the map when it comes to consumer purchases and adoption rates.

Article Via eWeek Europe

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