Apple both slammed and sorta-kinda praised in 2011 tech article

CNN has taken a look back at 2011 and pointed out its tech failures, and Apple’s name came up three times: Once as a sort-of sideways compliment, and two pokes in the eyeball with a dirty finger.

The article takes a direct aim at Apple’s competitors in the tablet market, reminding us of what has already been all too apparent: They all failed. Monetarily, in terms of consumer adoption and critical praise, nobody came remotely close to touching Apple’s crown and nobody could even pretend they’re on track to do it in the future.

Some tablets got pulled. Others never made it off the production line. HP had some luck selling TouchPads — after throwing up its hands and slashing prices to fire-sale levels.

They do suggest that the Kindle Fire may have “cracked the code”, but there’s no arguing Apple’s lead in the tablet market.

CNN also goes on to point-and-laugh at Apple’s belly-flops: First with regard to Apple losing yet another iPhone prototype in a bar:

Tech blog CNET reported that an Appler left a prototype of the iPhone 4S in a Mexican bar and restaurant in San Francisco. As our John Sutter wrote: “Here’s a theory: Maybe there’s some sort of connection between drinking and losing things?”

The iPhone in a bar thing was sort of a non-story; though it’s embarrassing (and sort of ridiculous) that another alleged prototype was left in a bar, I think it’s fair to say that the 2010 story was all about what happened after it landed (illegally) in the wrong hands.

Speaking of non-stories, the iPhone 4S battery is kind of on the line. On the one hand, there’s no arguing that the 4S has poor battery life when compared to its predecessors, and it’s even more glaring when you consider that the first point update (which was intended to fix the battery issues) has actually made the problem worse. On the other hand, battery life can be bolstered by fixing a few options in the settings, and Apple acknowledges the issues and plans to get it under control. Nevertheless, CNN took a shot:

As with the iPhone 4 “death grip,” we’ll call this a modest “fail” wrapped inside an epic win. The battery gripes didn’t stop Apple from selling an iLoad of the new phones.

Not entirely sure what they’re getting at there, but it sounds like a light smattering of criticism at worst.

Apple’s year was a good one, and that’s hard to argue. Even if you’re one of those who looks into a crystal ball and thinks 2012 will be the beginning of their downfall (when have I heard thatĀ before?), 2011 was Apple’s friend. Even in an article that’s meant to criticize and underline failure, Apple’s name comes up over and over. Proof positive that the tech world this year lived under Apple’s shadow.

Source: CNN

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