Apple to beat Google in cloud music service race?

According to Reuters, Apple “has completed work” on its cloud-based music service.

According to Reuters’ sources, the company has built a system that will allow users to upload their music to the cloud and play the files from any computer.

Amazon’s “Cloud Player” service does a similar thing, but lacks an iOS application and doesn’t integrate with iTunes. Amazon reportedly doesn’t have deals with any music labels for this service, something Apple has been working on, according to some rumors.

Google is said to be working on a similar system — cloud storage with a media store — but has recently switched to considering a subscription-based model, according to Reuters. Due to the change, Google’s timeline for the project has been moved back again and again.

The next version of MobileMe is rumored to come with a “Media Locker” feature, so this cloud-based service may be launched alongside a revamped edition of Apple’s $99/year service.

My guess is that people who are heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem will use whatever Apple releases. Android customers, however, may soon be able to choose between a Google-backed or Amazon-backed service.

Article Via SlashGear

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