Apple Airs iPhone 5 Commercial Featuring Do Not Disturb

Apple has just aired a new iPhone 5 commercial that features iOS 6’s Do Not Disturb feature. This feature silences all notifications and incoming calls until scheduled to turn off or manually turned off. The feature can be configured to still allow certain important contacts to call you. Do Not Disturb is meant to be used as a way to silence your phone while you’re sleeping.

Apple’s latest commercial shows a dream of Apple’s narrator playing a game of ping-pong with the Williams sisters, two famous American tennis players. The commercial’s narrator talks about how he doesn’t want to be interrupted by his phone in the middle of his dream, and that he won’t because his phone is in Do Not Disturb mode. If you’d like to view the commercial for yourself, we’ve embedded it above.

It’s pretty ironic that a commercial featuring Do Not Disturb would air today, since this morning some iOS users reported that Do Not Disturb was having issues transitioning into 2013. The issue reportedly stopped Do Not Disturb from automatically disabling at the user’s set time. iOS’s clock and alarm have not been affected by the issue, so no one was late to work this morning.

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